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Lily & Lorelei is a website in which we seek to connect people with the art, decor, clothing, spices, and traditions of the world's most interesting and exotic places. Working with artisans from markets around the world, we tell the story of rich and diverse cultures, incredible flavors, and the visceral experiences of traveling to the far off corners of the globe. All of the items found on our website are homemade by local artisans in the marketplaces of that country.

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Country of Origin- Morocco

All these items were designed by Founder Ella Berkeley  and the amazing Artisans of the Marrakech area and surrounding Atlas Mountains. These items are all Fair- Trade products made with love.

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Each of the Rugs are Handmade and Unique

They are made in Northern Africa, near the Atlas Mountains and they all vary in size, colors and texture

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Tell your brand's story through video and images


I love the colors, uniqueness and vibrancy of the whole collection. I feel like I'm traveling to another place by purchasing one of these rugs.

Julie Ritz

The quality of these products is absolutely remarkable. The prices are insanely reasonable for the handmade products being designed and created in small towns in Morocco. I love the whole collection!

Marco Pindo

Truly incredible, take a walk through the Morocan souk with this collection! Amazing items!

Zach Sloane