Boucherouite Rug #1001

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In the winding streets of the medina in Marrakech, among the shops selling small wares and leather goods there are a few shops that provide an entirely different experience. Morocco is perhaps most famous for its woven goods, especially its rugs. The rug shops of marrakech are generally much larger than other shops in the souk. They are filled with handmade Berber rugs which are piled to the ceiling. The one a kind nature of hand woven rugs presents an interesting problem for the shop owner. There is no display model or catalog, the only way to shop for a rug is to dig though the ceiling high piles of vintage Berber rugs and carpets until you find one that speaks to you. This process can take hours and is generally aided by a glass of mint tea. This particular rug is a vintage boucherouite style which is made by weaving together colorful scraps of fabric. Just about every color of the rainbow is represented here, but in a manner that is still cohesive and allows for versatility. The deep pile shag of this rug gives it a unique bohemian look that is absolutely stunning

  • Dimensions: 192cm H x 109cm W
  • Handmade in Morocco