Our Story


Ella Berkeley and Stephen Jordan, longtime friends and travel partners, created Lily and Lorelei Artisan Store after an incredible and eye opening trip to Morocco. In late 2015 the duo traveled to Marrakesh as part of a extended European vacation. With little idea of what to expect they boarded a plane from Lisbon to Marrakesh they quickly fell in love with the colorful, stimulating, culturally rich, and mesmerizing place. The markets, the artisans, the street vendors, and the inviting people made this trip truly one-of-a-kind.

Morocco is filled with souks, markets that stretch for miles, and entirely filled with local artisans and artists. The experience of walking around a souk in Morocco is unique. There are so many amazing things to choose from and so many things to see. This is why we chose Morocco to be the first country of many we will be launching.

The inspiration for this company had been growing over the past decade in Ella's mind. Countless trips abroad and domestically left a distinct impression in her mind about traveling. Ella's favorite part of traveling is getting the opportunity to experience a place. To truly experience the food, the culture, the people and all the sites is an unbelievable adventure. She loves getting to buy local goods, spices, food, art, and jewelry at local venues. When you bring your purchases home, you will always have a memento of your trip.

We really wanted to create an online experience that can take you country by country into the depth of the art, people, and culture and provide an alternative way to bring a piece of another country into your own home without traveling. Welcome to Lily & Lorelei Artisan Store.



Xo Ella & Stephen